A relationship should be holy, purposed and cross-gender.
Types of relationships

1.Friendship: This is just when two people; can be males, females or male and female not necessarily from the same family become good friends. This is not a love affair. It only comprises of two people who are close and help each other in a way.
2.Courtship: A love relationship before marriage. At this stage you need to be careful not to lost your focus. Many people fall in temptations here tending to know each other well. They become so obsessed that they lose interest in God, Church, etc.
3. Engagement: A final agreement to get married. However, this shouldn’t last for long. Marriage /wedding plans should begin on the spot.
4. Marriage: A final and legal engagement between two lovers as husband and wife. Should be public.
Distant relationships are good especially during courtship for they help avoid closeness and intimacy which may lead to some evil and temptations. All you need to activate is interaction maybe through calls ,messaging, social media etc. but avoid evil talks such as sex talks and romance for you will be sinning. Plan to meet physically at least once a month but always ensure it isn’t lone place ; should be in public.
Spiritual Compatibility
If you are a born again and you go dating a non believer you may go through various temptations. Your wishes may part ways. The speaker clearly insisted that if you dating a non believer you should go confess and apologize for having pretended to be in love him/her and quit that relationship.
This is because we always pretend to rectify things later. That after marriage I will convert him/her. It’s a lie

  1. Look for complementarities eg ,
  2. Develop genuine friendship to learn and know each other well.
  3. Seek God first as earlier as yesterday for guidance to the right person.
  4. Spiritual and other compatibilities;
  • you can’t go for a Muslim pretending to be driven by love and vise versa. Each one of you may seem to protect his/her religion and may lead to misunderstanding.
  • Purpose.
  • avoid non believers(2 Cor6:14)
  • Set your own boundaries eg no sex before marriage.(1 Cor 7).

5. Accountability

6. Do not double deal .
7. Make prayer and bible a 3rd member in your relationship
8. Spend quality time together but again be in public or places that may not be too private.
9. Avoid comparing your partner to other people or wishing he/she was like so and so.
10. Learn to understand each other and always seek guidance from experienced people or preachers.
11. Always engage God in your relationship and seek wisdom from him.
Men preserve your eyes from seeing and admiring . Be careful not to touch ladies on the sensitive areas.
Ladies watch what you dress , stop harassing men by showing off your body parts.
Kindly read Paul’s teachings in 1 Cor 7 and finish by 1 Cor 6:15-20




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